Hand of Fate (and Foot of Balrom)

After Darkness

So at some point in the dim and distant past, a great wall was built over a tiny little crack between 2 planes on the Western boundary of a Kingdom. Not many people knew why it was built and those who did soon forgot and/or died. It was just a big wall, probably some sort of antiquated defensive structure against ‘Marauding Scots’ (a phrase which emerged spontaneously into being without any definition of ‘Scot’; it was later assumed that it was some sort of pale freckly extraplanar monster).
And after many thousands of years, Lord Darkness came to power and invaded the now fallen Kingdom. But somethng went wrong somewhere (possibly someone misusing a plane shattering sword) and during that time the crack between the 2 planes tore open and all sorts of nasties started to crawl through. A group of brave adventurers, armed with the Sword of Asnegar which they were seeking to slay Lord Darkness with, found themselves in a position to seal the chasm by poking the epicentre with said Sword.
And then the chasm closed and the slimy creatures from the depths were sucked back in or slain, and Lord Darkness went AWOL and his leaderless armies disbanded and all was merriment (the vacuum of evil Lord Darkness left being swiftly filled with by the sudden emergence of Personal Injury Solicitors).
But then things started disappearing…



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