Hand of Fate (and Foot of Balrom)

Aqueducts, lava and Dinosaurs

After much consideration,the team set out to Belisaere, a city in which 3/4 of them are Wanted Criminals. They found it pretty empty due to a drought. Oremi decided to be ‘Nice’ and magicked them a new aqueduct in return for consideration of exoneration of threatening to destroy the city.
They investigated the mystery of the wheels of fate and discovered that they are probably (if not metaphorically) somewhere underground.
They decided to chase a lead provided by Zanthia the alchemist, who said she had seen a sign to the Wheels of Fate when she was on a fool’s errand for an anchor stone at the ‘Centre of the Wrold’.
They found their way there by means of an air vent on the Island of Volcania. It was hot down there, with trees that grew crystals, lake of lava and dinosaurs. They opened a door with a stegasaurus and found a giant anchor made out of a mysterious metal.
In another place, they also found a suspicious female who said she was busy acquiring the precious minerals of the caves.
They found their way to a lava pool which appeared to breath in and out of an air vent. Blocking the air with stone, they located a passage ‘to the Wheels of Fate’. Then they found a dragon snake inside (with lots of cute dragon snake babies), which tried to eat them. This was its lair, not a passaway to the wheels :( They took one of the little snakes as a pet.
Upon re-investigating the sign, it appeared to haved been recently cut. Oremi went down to investigate the elemental in the lava pool and came against an Elemental Fire Construct that had been placed there…



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