Hand of Fate (and Foot of Balrom)

Picnics, Loose change and Associated Dragons

Upon returning from the ‘Centre of the World’, the team came across a ‘Sunday School Outing’ just setting out from Belisaere upon a wreck of a fishing boat owned by a gnarly old man. Having taken an interest (seeing the head cleric’s insignia), they forged their names onto the list and joined the trip. Oremi it transpired gets nervous on boats, so made it fly ever so slightly. (Clearly an ill omen, according to Gnraly old Man).
The made it to the beach at Terms, Oremi made a full-size sandcastle and shut himself inside (winning the admiration of many of the kiddies on the trip) and the others joined in the activities. They were surprised to find that one of the children on the trip was in fact a halfling with the unnerving habit of teleporting between shadows, but she did not appear to be a threat. They also learnt in a roundabout way that the group were followers (not worshippers) of the Fate (for Fate does not care for the prayers of the common people – what happens happens, without prejudice or favour).
Then they played rounders.
Then some kiddies wandered off to look in a cave and were attaked by a Drake (the dragon, not the goose). The halfing proved herself to be deadly in battle, so the team adopted her.
After some discussion, Jo’an revealed that she had seen the symbol before around the neck of a dragon in caves under the Troll Toll Bridge.
They rested up in Belisaere and set out on horseback for a change. Some chance encounters ensued (ambush by gnolls etc.) and they eventually made it to Max-by-Lyx, and thence to the Bridges (the Copper Bridge had vanished).
They snuck into the caves and underground they found many hundreds of goblins, many tens of Tough Draconic goblins and an awful lot of money. It appeared to be being sorted into gols, silver and copper, the gold being taken further on for processing. They set off alarms, so abandoned their stealth attempts in favour of Cloudkill. This led to an appeal for Truce from the gonblins, and they were lead to the Boss.
The Boss was a large Green (not colour-coded for your convenience) dragon called Micorakiv aka Uncle Mic. He was the Boss around here and was brewing ‘Hot Gold’, and addictive Orc Liquor and excellent crop fertiliser.
He was happy to tell the team what he knew about the Wheels of Fate – they were below the Under Kingdom, but could not be reached except maybe by the clerics of the order of the pendant he wore (terminally relieved from it’s previous owner). The Orcs knew things and any of his kind that the party came upon might aid them in delving further.



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