Hand of Fate (and Foot of Balrom)

Previously in Hand of Fate

The party discovered that the city of Vangelis had disappeared. They were able to learn from a learned dwarf that the Western Wall had been built to protect a Chasm between planes from closing. This had been formed in ancient times when a Trickster God named Balrom had stolen a ‘Wheel of Fate’ that kept the land in balance (from falling into different planes and stuff). Balrom had been defeated, broken to pieces and imprisoned thoughout the land and a Dimensional Stability Device (the Diestad) installed within the wall in order to connect it with another stable plane and prevent the Old Kingdom from falling apart. The party travelled into the dungeon below the wall and found that the Diestad had been broken and an angry free Eye of Balrom, which they captured in a mirror.
To find out more about the legend, the party travelled to Belisaere, where they came into conflict with a Secret Sect of Dwarves (the Amateur Architectural Appreciation Association or A4) who, once their allegiances had been sorted out, told them about a prophecy:

The Steadfast Traveller, the One-Armed Bandit, the Death-defying Yo-yo Man, the Steel Speaker and the Obscurer. Brought together in ignorance that they would one day save not only this world but the worlds beyond or herald the end of the old Kingdom. They shall come forth from darkness and bear in their reflection the truth of the oncoming peril. For their coming for tells that the Diestad is broken and the Trickster has broken free from his bonds, and will surely seek to reclaim the wheel and use it for his fowl purposes. It is fortold that their journey shall be one of both victory and suffering and that soon after their first test, their ways shall split in two as the voice of the Steel Speaker draws them apart. Comrades shall be found in unexpected places: heed the Deafening Shot, and beware the Hand.

Also, A4 said they could fix the Diestad (at least temporarily) if the Dwarven Fortress at Mount Fiador were liberated from the Fire Giants. This was done, and the Diestad was mended and installed in a lesser Pit down in the Deeps under Mount Fiador.

The party then turned their attention to collecting other bits of Balrom (which could not be destroyed whilst other parts survived).
The Current Tally is:

  • Right Hand
  • Foot
  • Eye
  • Nose
  • Entrails
  • Heart

In the midst of this, they enraged Officials in Belisaere when they slayed a Sphinx monument which held the Nose of Balrom and are now outlawed from the city.

They have been able to learn that the left Hand of Balrom has also been collecting pieces while acting as the harmless companion of a wannabe wizard. It broke into the Dwarven Fortress and broke and stole half the Diestad. Again, the world begins to vanish and the only thing that can save it is the Wheel of Fate…



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