Hand of Fate (and Foot of Balrom)

Rafts, Holes and Orc Hotels

This week a new ally, a rogue tiefling introduced herself to the team, swearing vengence against Oremi for his part in the death of Jo’an.
Having looted a teleportation ring off an Axiomite (who would take some time to get over that headache), the team investigated where it led to. They found the Axiomite seminar rooms/offices/boiler room. Swift diplomacy, fast shooting and daggering enabled them to disable the Clerk before he pressed the ‘Red Button’, while disguise and bluff allowed them to evade the attention of the rest. They wandered around for a while, guessed the code for the boiler room and randomly twiddled some taps. Then it got cold and the teleport rings didn’t work. Then they twiddled them again and they returned to their cell to attempt to fly out the window. Unfortunately they couldn’t get far without the paralysis field overwhelming what little protection they had. So eventually the erstwhile Barbarian and ranger returned to the boiler room, summoned apes, taught them how to turn a tap, sped back to the raft the others were on and began to paddle to safety once the correct tap had been aped.
Once out, they popped back to Belisaere to find many peasants mysteriously digging holes for entirely justifiable reasons. This seemed to be the consequence of a solar eclipse that had occurred at midday the previous day.
Having told their entire story to a bard, the team set off to get back on the trail of orcs they had been following before they were so rudely betrayed. They found an entrance to their tunnels in a tomb by the old monastery and a locked door at the end of the tunnel. Although they didn’t know the password, they were given a link to click on, and when they claimed the link was broken, they were let in. In order to prove themselves in orc society, the rogue offered to fight the captain of the guard in single combat.
With much of daggering, she achieved this in the gladitorial arena of the Orcs, to high acclaim. Then a weedy orc with a hidden ‘Wheels of Fate’ pendant was thrown into the arena against 2 enraged feral trolls. The sorceress(transmogrified Barbarian) sneakily summoned monsters for him when he seemed to frightened to cast any spells.
Then the cleric decided he wanted to fight something, and killed a giant slavering beetle.
The weedy-looking orc (called Kokol) transpired to be the apprentice of one of the Masters of the Portals of the Wheels, the 4 preists with the secret knowledge with which to open the portals to the Wheels, but they were all missing/gone into hiding.
So the team booked a room at an orc hotel, ready for a new day of Questing!



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