Hand of Fate (and Foot of Balrom)

Really not Azkaban

The team spent some time trying to escape from the Chamber of Betrayal. Jo’an refused to use the teleportation device, so got left behind to her fate. The rest of the team found themselves in a prison cell. It was sickly and scary, but they had all their stuff and the window was unbarred. Unfortunately, anything that moved outside the window instantly got paralyzed.
They found that the prison was guarded by both Axiomites – elf-like creatures of law – and their Inevitable constructs. The asked for appeal papers, then went and fought all the Inevitables they could find, releasing some insane criminals and picking up a useful companion TM on the way.
Having acquired a communicator from an Inevitable and ascertained that the Axiomites had rings to stop them getting paralyzed and a way of getting out of the spiraling corridor of cells, they returned to their cell to ambush the next Axiomite that dropped by. They did this and acquired Loot TM.
Now how to use it to escape…



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