Hand of Fate (and Foot of Balrom)

Spectral Monks and Betrayal

Having been told that the Orcs in the vicinity of the ‘Wee Hills’ (Giant Mountains) would be able to help the team find out more about the places in the Under Kingdom in their quest for the Wheels of Fate, the team tracked Orcs. The trail led to an old Monastery. They entered to find unnatural darkness blanketing everything, dead Zombie orcs and a creepy wailing that seemed to follow the new cleric about, unnerving him.
They went into the Monastery and found some Wraith-wight-monks processing round the cloister. Having ascertained that their attacks had a nasty sting, they fought them carefully and effectively, befriending the last one and getting him to tell them that the ‘Bishop’ would be holding ‘Matins’ when the bell tolled 3 times. And that there were 27 other Monks. And that they didn’t want to be un-undeadified.
After resting up, the team entered the church to await the appearance of the Bishop. Ignoring the rest of the Monks, they targetted him with all their force and succeeded in destroying him. Then, Oremi called them together and they escaped…
…to the Cavern of Betrayal.
Where he apologised, told them all he was joining forces with Balrom, activated the curses in the things he had made for them and gave them an ‘One-use-item-of-teleportation’.



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