Alex Russo

Alex is the main character from Wizards of Wyverly Place


What happened to Alex??

In the midst of the North Woods, you hear a magical sound of magic to the right of the path. Suddenly two people stumble out of nowhere onto the path in front of you. They are two humans, oddly dressed in a similar manner to Alex when you first met her, in strange thick blue leg-coverings and wearing loose T-shaped tops with the message “Funky Dollshouse” on them. One is a tall, black-haired young man in his late teens/early 20s and the other a portly middle-aged man. You brace yourselves for combat, but immediately Seori informs you that they are not evil. The pair recover themselves and look around, and the elder catches sight of Alex and advances towards her, waggling a finger.
“Alex Russo! You are in big trouble!”
“Dad! Justin! I thought I’d wished you all out of existence by saying I wish you’d never been born!”
“Really? Which way round were you holding your wand?”
“With the thick end pointing outwards of course… oh I get it.”
“What you did do, young lady, was remove yourself from history. How you ended up here I have no idea, but your brother and I have been opening portals everywhere trying to find you.”
“I was just going to leave you, but then I realised how much better a wizard I look when you’re around,” interjected the smug-looking young man.
“I love you too, Justin,” Alex replies sarcastically, “But now you’re here, you can help me and my new friends on this quest thing. We need a, like, magical knife or spatula or something to defeat this evil wizard guy.”
“You are coming straight home, young lady!” her father demands, taking hold of her shoulder. “I don’t know what’s happening here, but time is in a mess. The portal’s barely holding and things keep on disappearing through it. We’ve already had to cart half the dining room furniture back through when it spontaneously decided to follow us into some random bog; your mother’s going to be furious with the swamp stains on the rug. It’s as if the structure of space and time is collapsing in this world.”
He turns to address the company.
“Sorry guys, but whatever is happening here is only going to be exacerbated with the addition of an Alex Russo. She is more trouble than a bread shortage at a sandwich cafe during lunch hours on National Sandwich Day. Alex, are you coming?”
“I guess so. But it’s been great knowing you guys. Seori, you can keep this top, it is SO your colour. Erasmus, you cute little munchkin, take the smoothie, I’ve gone off it. Granny,” she roots around in her pocket and pulls out half a packet of throat sweets, “I think you need these for your cackling issue. Dean, catch!” she pulls out the ice dagger and defly throws it to Dean. It whizzes through the air like a deadly shard of ice, narrowly misses Dean’s ear and sticks into a tree behind him. There is a crackling sound as the wood around the blade freezes.
Alex’s eyes widen, “Cool! I have got to get me one of those. But you won’t let me keep it, huh Dad?”
“Hm, let me think – Alex with a needle sharp magical freezing dagger or Alex with a pair of hair straighteners…No you may not have an ice dagger!”
“Huh, you don’t know what I can do with a pair of hair straighteners!” Alex retorts.
The smug boy is looking at something strapped to his wrist. “Come on, Alex, we’ve got to go. According to my calculations, the portal is closing at a rate of one inch per minute. We’ll have to shrink Dad to get back through as it is.”
“Fine then, I’m coming. See you later guys, good luck with finding the ladle-toasting-fork thing!”
And with that, Alex follows follows her family back to their point of egress, where there appears to be a blurry oval hovering in mid-air. The boy twiddles a wand and Alex’s father shrinks enough to climb through. He is followed by the boy. Alex waves as she follows and behind her with a sucking ‘shoop’ the portal closes, leaving no trace behind of either Alex or the two strangers.

Alex Russo

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