A sparkly gnome


Erasmus Gildersprocket the Third

Whilst seeming like a noble title, Erasmus’ last name is in fact “Third”. His parents, though not poor, were “new money”, and so whilst desperate to appear like the old noble Gnomish families (such as the great K’boom, K’Blam and K’Blooie families), they never managed to fit in.
The same aim of “fitting in” was also missed by their son, although that could be because he never really tried very hard at it. When all the other little Gnomes were busy tinkering with their mechanisms, polishing their sprockets, prepping their fizzwidgets or creating humming metablinkers, Erasmus would be sleeping, or yawning, or combining the previous two into what he called slawning, but what his parents called “pure bone-idleness”. Even when they sent him to the great Illusionist Academy of Arboreus K’Fizzle (a failed noble family that had turned to magic to make its name), Erasmus showed very little interest during the day.
At night however, Erasmus was wide awake, often taking long walks in the open air, under the stars. It was here that Erasmus discovered his love of the stars, and the wide open sky. It was during one of his night time wanderings that Erasmus caught the attention of Desna, although he didn’t realise it. All he knew was that he was no longer bottom of his class, as he began to mimic constellations and conjure the many colours he had seen at night. His hair began to be bleached of its darkness, until it was a shimmering white. His eyes, once a muddy brown, also began to turn silver. Before long he was almost unrecognisable from the small gnome that had entered into the academy, now a keen and enthusiastic member of his classes.
These changes did not go unnoticed. During one of the many questionings he was given by the Grand Mage of the Academy, it was noticed that he bore the Mark of Desna (a small, shimmering butterfly) on his arm. Finally understanding where their transformed student was drawing his power from, it was decided that Erasmus be sent to the Sybil, Delphine, in the North Woods. It was here that Erasmus heard of Lord Darkness for the first time, and of a brave band of adventurers that were to set out to seek a mystical sword to defeat him. Packing up his gear from the Academy and bidding farewell to his parents (who were thrilled that a Third was part of a quest), Erasmus set off, using signs in the night sky to guide him to the adventurers he was destined to join.


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