Sometime protectress of (and constant headache to) Oremi


a.k.a Lady Luck, Fortune, and The Woman (by Oremi)

Few people are aware that whenever they speak of “What goes around, comes around” they are in fact speaking the first tenet in Karma’s holy commands. While her sphere of influence is vast, her powers are heavily restricted, which often makes people view her as a demi-god. While this may or may not be the case, everyone knows the second tenet of Karma’s holy commands all to well; “Don’t fuck with Karma”.

One of the most aware of the above statement would be Oremi, who attracted Karma’s gaze several centuries ago, and has been trying to shake her gaze ever since. Her attention is not always unwanted, as there have been several occasions when she has manipulated chance in his favour. Of course, more recently she has been attempting to throw misfortune at him, for reasons only known to himself and her.


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