Myths of the Elders

Book about the Wheels of Fate


Dusty tome titled ‘Mythef of the Elderef’ from Belisaere Academy Library
In the chapter on ‘Fate’ it talks about the ‘Turning Roomef’ with ‘Spinning dimensiones that mymics the landes above’ which was ‘Manned by many handes, each which was the Hand of Fate’ and ‘moved by her whimsey regarless of Time or Place or Consequence’.
More recent books refer to the so-called ‘wheels of fate’ as a metaphor for the way Fate controls the lives of mortals, and a reference to the folk-myth among certain mechanistic undercommoners that the world is controlled by mechanisms from underneath.


Myths of the Elders

Hand of Fate (and Foot of Balrom) notMidas