The Posters

A Quest!
Throughout the land there are traces of Lord Darkness. By traces, I do not mean the intangible sense of foreboding on the breeze, or the gangs of black-armoured fighters who roam the country. I mean Lord Darkness’ publicity campaign.
All over the realm, pasted to walls, nailed to trees and fixed in windows, are posters, tastefully designed images of the Dark Lord himself, posing to such taglines as
LORD DARKNESS A man with a plan
LORD DARKNESS Bad guys have more Fun!
Join the Hordes of Darkness today!
BLACK is the new WHITE
and of course
Come to the Dark Side – We have Cookies!

Amidst all these ads you happen across a simply-crafted poster, drawn out carefully on a large piece of parchment:

will you stand by as
Lower Earth withers
under the shadow of
Lord Darkness?
on an epic quest to
rid the world of EVIL!

apply at Crossed Fingers Inn
at the Three Arches Crossroads
12 noon Feb 9th

Posters such as this have appeared all over the Old Kingdom. But wherever you are, you have spotted it with only just enough time to get there. So you better get going.

The Posters

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